Warrior Parent

Deepen your connection, guide & inspire your children through living your own life of courage.

An extremely stirring, unsurpassable, philosophy for parents who want to be empowered to inspire their children and the generations that follow.

One of the most incredible things you can do in life is to reveal your own potential whilst serving and guiding your children.

Module 1 Start Here
Unit 1 How to progress
Unit 2 What to do if you get stuck
Unit 3 Why Warrior Parents?
Module 2 The Vital Childhood Attachments
Unit 1 Understanding Connection
Unit 2 How to reclaim our children
Module 3 Foundation to The 3 Elements
Unit 1 The Making of our Emotions. The science bit ~ part 1
Unit 2 What's my brain for? The science bit ~ part 2
Unit 3 Perception ~ how you see the world
Unit 4 Getting to know your Ego
Unit 5 Meditation: The Truth Seeker
Unit 6 Musashi: Wisdom from a Japanese Swordsman
Unit 7 The Belief Trap
Unit 8 The Illusion of the Becoming Mindset
Unit 9 Chipping Away
Unit 10 The Belief Trap Part 2: Digging Deeper
Unit 11 You are Exactly Where You Should Be
Unit 12 Movement ~ priming the brain for change
Unit 13 Food ~ connecting to personal potential through mastering palate.
Unit 14 Final Questions
Module 4 Exposing The Shadows (First of The Seven Courages)
Unit 1 Understanding Why we Self-Sabotage
Unit 2 Inviting Out The Shadows
Unit 3 Converting The Shadows into Pure Potential
Module 5 The Path To Freedom (Second of The Seven Courages)
Unit 1 Creating an Environment for Success
Unit 2 The Power of Food, Thought and Movement
Unit 3 Creating an Abundance of Energy
Module 6 Creating The World We Wish To Live In (Third of The Seven Courages)
Unit 1 Be The World You Wish It To Be
Unit 2 Building Unshakable Faith
Unit 3 The Incremental Steps To Fearlessness
Module 7 Growth Through Adversity (Fourth of The Seven Courages)
Unit 1 Dissolving Comfort Zones
Unit 2 Fear, The Friend of Exceptional People
Unit 3 Choosing A Mission
Module 8 Baring The Wolves Teeth (Fifth of The Seven Courages)
Unit 1 Creating Potent Self-Reliance
Unit 2 Handling Confrontation and Negative Influences
Unit 3 Letting Others Deselect Themselves From You
Module 9 Cultivating A Robust Mind (Sixth of The Seven Courages)
Unit 1 Creating Real Mental Health and Strength
Unit 2 Expanding Self-Respect for a Strong Self-Esteem
Unit 3 The Power of What Cannot Be Taken From You
Module 10 Combining Love and Justice (Seventh of The Seven Courages)
Unit 1 The Real Law of Attraction
Unit 2 Discipline Through Love
Unit 3 Skin in the Game