— 4. Reigniting The Mind Of Man

Changing Society Together.

Boys and men look to other men for the way in life.

Without even always being aware of it, they are looking for the living embodiment of courage, integrity and strength.

Your home environment is the foundation upon which all else will grow.

Everything else, including work is secondary, not primary. The home environment is where the first change takes place because it is also where we meet the reality of who we are. Behind closed doors without any acts or facades to create.

This subject is very dear to my heart as I had my own difficult childhood that although created crippling anxiety, it ultimately served as a catalyst for a journey of self-discovery that started at a very young age.

So although I’ve been coaching from the 1980’s, this philosophy I am going to share with you, is quite literally a lifetimes work.

Delivering one of my talks at The Shard

I also want to share with you that I am not a perfect man! No such ideal exists. My own professional background and my childhood challenges have made me make a conscious decision to ensure I can look on myself with honesty and continually improve as a man and a father.

I completely recognise how damn hard it is to change our habits when so many elements of society are encouraging the opposite. Sure I have my ups and downs like everyone else ~ but to navigate through them with courage paves the future ground to tread.

My childhood was privileged in the sense it served me to become who I am today. It was a catalyst that started my own journey of unhappiness, fear and pain that I learned to transmute into courage, honesty, integrity and peace.

There have been a few cornerstones in my life that have led me to finally sharing this life’s work, here are just a few of them:~

I won the Southern England Body Building title at just 20 ~ that didn’t help, it actually made me feel worse!

So I immersed myself in martial arts and Eastern Philosophy (much of which is taught in a compartmentalised fashion nowadays as yoga, fitness training and mindfulness as opposed to a whole system) ~ something you will learn is critical to get the full benefit from an exercise.

“Simon is a highly experienced practitioner and consultant for enhanced mental strength. His advice and guidance in nutrition have been instrumental in improving the health of my family.” 
~ Marnix Wells author, PhD SOAS (University of London)

Having not resolved my past, I fell extremely ill with M.E. for five years. The result of a depressive and anxious state that ultimately probably saved my life. They thought I had leukemia it was so bad.

I learned how to heal myself and then started to show doctors and deliver talks about what I had done. This was the embryonic stage of my unique approach on healing the mind and body through food, thought and movement.

Through my own illness, I had an incredible breakthrough moment. I realised that everything I thought, did, watched, believed, consumed and the people I mixed with was connected.

A tapestry of life was revealed that infiltrated and weaved into absolutely everything.

I became a meditation and Chi Kung instructor helping hundreds of people overcome a wide range of health issues.

Me (on the left) with one of my long standing training buddies, Dave.

I was head hunted by a private London clinic as a nutritionist and also immersed myself in seven martial arts to black belt level and coaching level with National, European and World Champions and Olympic medalists.

In turn I became a coach in all seven disciplines (Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Judo, Kick Boxing, Karate, Kung Fu and Jujitsu) I also practised Escrima, self-defence, Sombo, Silat, boxing and Muay Thai.

“I have met and trained with many physical training experts but never have I seen it described this way before. Whereas most people hope that how they exercise will hopefully transfer into some kind of benefit for the mind, Simons training shows a direct format to achieve this. It is innovative and bold in its approach by continually challenging set beliefs.” 

~Testimonial from Paul – Personal Trainer and Father of Three

Ten years ago I was also ultra-running, working up to a repeated experience of 45 miles mostly at night in the pitch black, off road in the Caingorm Mountains in Scotland.

That’s me on the left at check point 18 of “The Wolf”
That’s me on the left at the first check point at mile 18 of “The Wolf”

Despite the achievement of coming in the top 5 each year, it was mainly another insight and experiment into the “minds’” reaction to stress, a solo stress, with no one to share the experience with for hours at a time. This revealed more information on mental capacity and the surfacing of self limiting beliefs which will always rise under stress, that was invaluable.

Another of my talks. This one was called “Free The Mind”

I dedicated myself to coaching over 30 years ago, my whole life I have been testing, experimenting and refining my coaching methods. I’ve tested many different diets and nutrients as well as breathing techniques to see which have the most beneficial effects on the body under stress.

I started using cold-water treatment 28 years ago, long before its recent fashionable re-emergence.  But don’t worry, you don’t have to get in an ice bath (if you don’t want to) but it will make you very fertile amongst other things!!! Cold water therapy has demonstrated to have a positive affect on depression and anxiety, which I shall cover.

To be able to teach with authenticity and obtain trust, the most important aspect about choosing a coach is to answer this question:-

Filming my course “On The Warriors Path”

Have they had the experience they are teaching about?

Never-ever choose a coach based on their ability to apply an intellectual theory.

Any teacher needs to have been able to apply their strategy to a multitude of real-life scenarios; otherwise there is an inability to fully understanding it on both sides. This is why only now in my life am I sharing this with you in an online format. Having accumulated such a wealth of experience in real life hands on coaching, I can now construct and deliver accurate proven information I know works.

When it comes to depression and anxiety, only those who have truly transcended the storm can be guides for those within one.

The following modules make up the body of work that will powerfully transform the mind and include:

The Three Elements ™

There are certainly ways to eat that can alleviate and transform depression and anxiety into potential and dramatically decrease fear. Prepare for many accepted nutritional truths to be turned on their head.  


Learn from the greatest Philosophy’s and minds in history whilst turning your back on some of the harmful and misguided trends currently diseasing the world of men.

The exercises and breathing techniques taught, are still used by elite athlete in all pursuits due to their historically proven effectiveness. These even predate Yoga and their effects on mind and body are phenomenal. 

The Seven Courages’ ™

These courages contain the most powerful lessons in history and have been proved through the thousands of years they have existed, to transform the mind on every level. I have repeatedly delivered this philosophy and it has honestly changed peoples lives. In fact, some have found a reason to live. 

  1. Courage of Responsibility ~ Exposing the Shadows
  2. Courage of Self-Discipline ~ Revealing the Path to Freedom
  3. Courage of Seeking Fear ~ Growth through Adversity
  4. Courage of Self Protection ~ Barring the Wolves Teeth
  5. Courage of Integrity ~ Cultivating a Robust Mind
  6. Courage of Compassion ~ Combining Love & Justice, the real law of attraction
  7. Courage of Virtue ~ Creating the world we wish to live in

This quantum leap in your own personal journey, is to identify as much as possible, what led you to your current situation and why. Most people do not even identify this.

We are a direct reflection of all of the good and bad from our past and we can reclaim the power so many of us lost in childhood.

We are more likely to become our greatest selves and achieve our personal potential once we realise our own pain and suffering are the very gateway to this potential.

I believe this is the greatest gift we can discover.

I understand that your thoughts will be buzzing from this information and that you’ll have lots of questions that will spring to mind. It is for this reason I have a sign up link below, so I can share with you the real self empowerment opportunities that depression and anxiety can lead you to and all of the disempowering myths we normally hear.

I will be launching a definitive course on depression, anxiety and a sense of meaningless soon, that will revolutionise how these are viewed, treated and ultimately transformed into potential.

it is also an opportunity to connect with other men like yourself and share stories, challenges and success. 

In the meantime I will send you lots of information and tips to get you started.

You can also ask me questions and share your own experiences with me if you wish.

I am here to help and deliver a more empowering message and life through depression and anxiety.

Please click the link in the blue button below to sign up.

I really look forward to showing you the pathway to Reigniting The Mind, It is one of the most exciting and rewarding journey’s you will ever travel.

Simon Lee

Writer, Speaker, Coach and Author of Reigniting The Mind Of Man ™, The Three Elements™ & The Seven Courages™

Reigniting The Mind Of Man.

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