— 1. Reigniting The Mind Of Man

How to turn your depression, anxiety and a lack of meaning in life into pure potential.

Welcome to the definitive, most complete resource and coaching for men who would like to turn depression and anxiety into pure potential. 

How? Those feelings are signals screaming out to be understood, heard and acted upon…

Do you have a great fear and apprehension about your future? Suffer from self-doubt, self-dejection and a sense of worthlessness? Or maybe you simply feel life has no meaning? Are you alienating those who love you? Do you feel guilty you’re making other people suffer due to your own emotional pain?

I believe the coping strategies on offer, *if* you can get access to them, are currently desperately inadequate. 

Psychology and modern therapy generally focuses on post traumatic harm over any option of post traumatic growth and strength. 

The exponential growth in mens mental health issues is testament to a failing approach; for which, some families are paying the ultimate sacrifice.

After my own struggles and subsequent 30+ years of coaching and mentoring people out of depression and anxiety into courage, I know we can aim higher.

I want to offer you something very different. This approach is far more empowering, without which, freedom will not be possible. 

Awareness of the real issues will give you the knowledge to heal and transform you. 

Has anyone ever explained to you properly what depression and anxiety really are?

Let me be so bold to hazard a guess to my rhetorical question, and reply ‘no’ on your behalf.

I have put this into 3 major issues, which are: 

1. Understanding what depression and anxiety really mean

2. The impact of a fatherless society and positive male role models. 

3. The impact of an increasingly feminised society.

Ok, let’s delve straight into the first one! 

  1. Understanding what depression and anxiety really mean. 

There’s a huge number of online and offline written information about what the symptoms of depression and anxiety are. Instead of letting you marinade in a list of “I’ve got that, I do that” labels, I will cover other aspects that are rarely, if ever, covered. 

Firstly; depression, anxiety and the accompanying feeling of a sense of meaningless in your life were meant to happen. Yes, meant to happen.

Depression and anxiety are not about the depression and anxiety. 

Despite the discomfort, these are messages communicating information to you that something is not working for you and needs changing. Just like a condition such as high blood pressure will indicate an imbalance, so does depression and anxiety. 

To a certain degree, as hard as it may seem, they should be welcomed. 

Without these warning systems we would never have the opportunity to dramatically change our lives. 

So what are these messages? 

Depression itself, no matter how dark, is attempting to guide you to the light within it – to something else and something meaningful. It’s not an enemy, it is the very energy needed to change. 

It is something suppressed and repressed within you trying to leave. An energy that needs to surface. This is a critical point because the depression can become part of you longer than it intentionally needs to be. Which is why it is believed in modern society to be a life-long issue and it’s simply not true. 

Depression and anxiety are coping methods for something you didn’t get as a child. Anxiety is often there in an attempt to control what is happening in your life. 

Depression can be unexpressed anger.

Depression is the rejection of the fake image we portray to society including all of the people pleasing and attempts to adjust for everyone else, especially parents. 

Depression and anxiety are the byproducts of judgement taken from those around you and the surrounding environment, before this judgement is turned upon us by ourselves. 

Depression and anxiety can be created from what you consume. This isn’t simply eating the wrong foods. Overly indulging in the media and news you also consume can also produce fear and you become disconnected from yourself. 

Depression and anxiety can arise from not getting enough exercise but most people use exercise in a way that only keeps depression at bay without transforming into potential through movement. 

Depression and anxiety are locked energy and locked potential which we are sometimes aware of and sometimes not. 

Either way it’s there and waiting as dormant energy.

It’s really important to understand that negative, uncomfortable emotions and feelings are the most powerful motivators for change; not, as commonly believed, positive ones. They supply the most insight. Most of our life-changing information comes from these negative feelings, the ones we don’t want to look at because it’s so uncomfortable and frightening.

“No one knows the pain and anguish of seeing one of your children in the grip of a serious addiction unless they have experienced it. As a single parent this was even harder to cope with. I cannot thank Simon enough for finally freeing my son of a 10 year drug addiction.” 

~ Testimonial from Clive,  Business Owner and Father of Two

What I am proposing is that you become friends with the disruptive force that is anxiety and depression.

Every man can awaken the crushed dreams and desires of the boy inside and reclaim the power that is often lost in childhood. 

The past can be transcended, yet also reborn into pure potential.

So to finish this first section, depression and anxiety are the portal to potential. 

They are trying to set you free. 

Now we have something meaningful to embrace and explore.